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Amazona Vittata

This sculpture is inspired by the endemic species of Puerto Rico; Amazona Vittata. It is currently an endangered species. The idea of ​​this piece is to make the world aware of the majesty of nature through the shape, medium and color of the sculpture. It is made out of steel metal with a wood base. Metal is used to symbolize the hard work and dedication that has been established in efforts to aid in the survival of this unique species. The base of this work is inspired by the rainforests of Puerto Rico, the environment this species is found in, and fights to survive in. Although from afar it seems fragile its quick adaptation and stability reminds us that there is hope for survival.



It would seem like the title and medium used are hostile however, both inspire an alteration of ourselves. Memories of vital experiences come to mind as well as recalls of bad times but, the name itself means the impeccable forces that we cannot avoid and we cannot fight against.

Typhoon, born after the threat of hard times, it developed strength and speed to clear the atmosphere. After we pass it, we discover what we are made of. We re-think, re-invent ourselves to stand up and begin again. This is what our nature allows us to do, we come back stronger after a big natural disaster and we do not give up. We come back...To live.

Winds of Hope


Can we find hope in the midst of devastating or coercion? Yes, because in that moment we can transform its energy to sustain ourselves and move forward. At that point, hope is created.

                              Carmen Rojas


In this piece, hope is represented through the strength of a standing tree. It faces hostile winds that in many ways could represent the fall and devastation of the tree. Regardless of this, it stays standing with the help of a kind of supplement that allows it to prevail against all odds. The medium, the position, the texture, and the color, are all interlaced over a wooden base that allows it to stand tall and represent the Winds of Hope we all carry within.

Stellar Dance

Embarking My Roots

This embarkment is the medium that transports the biggest riches in my being, it transports the code of the essence that makes me who I am; my history. It is made from metal because it is indestructible, if I treated well. Embarking My Roots, is like a trip that has a thrist for finding new directions to share who I am in search of a new beginning to share in the world, in the universe.

Honoring my heritage and recognizing the culture I originated from. This embarkment has as its purpose to transport this prized cargo in between the four cardinal  points.

In this nostalgic piece that at the same time represents the direction of a resurgence of a culture and denotes a trip of creation and renovation, but maintaining the foundation of my origin; Taino, Spanish, and African.

Us Puerto Ricans, with our gallantry embark on a trip with the purpose of spreading who we are and where we originate from, without ignoring the best of where we are going to participate as a way to achieve what we will become.

Embarking My Roots.JPG

The Wave

Because with the energy you get from a flat surface you excel with strength and become unique in the

universe. You distinguish yourself majestically and with immensity....

The Wave, she whom only lets herself conquer momentarily by time who materializes itself leaving its mark on the wood of a vessel. 

Wave and vessel, both are needed to notice the existence of the other. The wave, because without the vessel she would be only her own existence. No eyes that admire her, no hands that caress her, no soul that will miss her.

Of her purity, the depths of her secrets, and revelations of her wisdom and of the love that awakes in our soul are enhanced because without the vessel, we would not have the mode to reach her. Without the vessel we would not have even the slightest chance in taming her immensity. We would not have had the chance to learn and from her create the paths that will sate our thirst for adventure.

We can only appease our necessity when we surrender before the vision of her immense power. We fall beaten because we love to feel her, we need her in our existence, we let her control us.

Now let us rest so we can later launch ourselves like ouroboros on the quest to dominate her. Only in this way we will know we are alive, but only she, exposes the truth to us; we are diminutive before the grandiosity of The Wave.

Empty Nest

Empty Nest.JPG
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